5 Substitutes To Cow Milk If You Are Lactose Intolerant

5 Substitutes To Cow Milk If You Are Lactose Intolerant

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If you can’t have cow milk, what else can you have?

Lactose intolerance or lactose malabsorption is when a person’s body finds it difficult to digest lactose (a combination of milk and sugar).

Most times, you do not even need a diagnosis. Your body just reacts in some way when you take cow milk and dairy products like yoghurt and ice cream and anything made from cow milk. You vomit, feel bloated, nauseous, have abdominal cramps, and experience flatulence.

So, what can you take in place of milk?

Almond milk is a perfect substitute [Detoxinsta]

Almond milk is made from whole almonds or almond butter and water. How does it taste? It has a nutty but sweet taste.

If you are part of the fitfam gang, then almond milk is perfect for you because it is low in calories, fat and carbohydrates.

However, it is deficient in certain essential nutrients like protein, phytic acid, zinc and calcium.

2. Coconut milk

Coconut milk is a substitute for lactose intolerant [Pexels]

Coconut oil is from water and the white inner part of a coconut.

It is creamy and as thick as milk and quite delicious too, although when it comes to nutrition it isn’t the best. It does not contain protein and carbohydrates but it is high in fat.

Soy milk is made from soybeans. It is thickened with vegetable oil and other thickeners to taste better. Soy milk is the closest to cow’s milk in terms of nutrition.

Rice milk

Rice milk is made from either white or brown rice mixed with water. It is typically watery and you need to thicken it. Rice milk is best if your allergies include soy and nuts like cashew and almonds.

Cashew milk is made from cashew nuts or cashew butter and water. It is quite delicious and creamy. It is excellent for taking tea.

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