20 Most Widely-Consumed African Meals You Should Try In 2022

20 Most Widely-Consumed African Meals You Should Try In 2022

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Africa is known for its beautiful people, its exciting cultures, the amazing landscapes and of course the exquisite foods. African delicacies aren’t only beautiful to look at, they also tastes delicious because they are well-spiced and well prepared to nourish the body. We have listed below the most wide-consumed African dishes you try out in 2022.

1. Bobotie: Pronounced ba-bor-tea

Bobotie is among the most common South African dishes and is commonly eaten during small and large ceremonies. The recipe includes well-prepared meat (spiced with curry and cherries) and eggs topped with custard.

Bobotie is often served with Geelrys, some kind of amazing yellow rice.


2. Afang Soup: Pronounced Ar-fang

This is a popular dish amongst the Efik and Ibibio people of Nigeria. It is also popular in certain parts of West and Central Africa. In some parts of Cameroon, for example, it is called Eru.

Afang is a soup and is prepared using a leaf called Afang, from whence the dish gets its name. This leaf is scientifically known as Gnetnum Africanum and is grown in West Africa.

Other recipes include:

  • Waterleaves 
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Skin.

Afang is usually eaten with Fufu which is made from Cassava. It can also be eaten with Garri or Semovita. These carbohydrates are made into small balls and dipped into the soup before being swallowed.


3. Chapatti

Although this food originated from India, it has become very common amongst East African people and can be mentioned as one of East Africa’s cuisines.

Chapati is unleavened flat bread and is eaten alongside certain stews: beef stews, sauces, etc. It can even be eaten with lentils.


4. Fufu and palm nut soup

Fufu, as earlier described, is a staple made from Cassava and is usually swallowed alongside a soup. To Ghanaians, Fufu and palm nut soup is a favored delicacy.

Palm-nut soup is made from palm fruit, alongside other recipes such as:

  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Chilis, etc.

5. Efo

Efo Riró is a traditional meal of the Yorubas. The Yorubas are one of the major Nigerian ethnic groups.

Efo Riró is prepared using greenish vegetables and is a meal stuffed with animal sources of proteins such as beef, stockfish, crayfish, etc. Other constituents of Efo Riró are palm oil, spices, etc.

Efo Riró is eaten with Fufu or garri or Semovita.


6. Seswaa

This meal is a protein-rich one and is favored amongst the Botswana people. Some kind of staple, it is prepared using crushed beef and goat.

It is served, usually during small and large occasions and events.


7. Ndole

Ndole is a sauce. And it has got the sauce.

The sauce is common to people in Cameroon. It is similar to a dish in Nigeria called Bitter-leaf soup.

Ndole is prepared using


8. Nsaka Madesu:

This is one of Congo’s most common dishes. It tastes great and is not very difficult to prepare. It is prepared from cassava leaves and beans and seasoned with onions, some garlic, and pepper.


9. Tajine

Tajine is a Moroccan delicacy. It is commonly eaten by Moroccan people. It is a stew containing a lot of meat and vegetables. It draws its name from the pot that it is cooked in.


10. Githeri

Kenya is home to many tourist attractions in Africa. It’s also home to the infamous Githeri. Githeri is a rich source of plant protein. It is prepared using beans and corn. The beans and corn are boiled in a large pot.

Another way to cook Githeri is to make it into a delicacy of stew.


11. Kapenta

Even though it sounds like carpenter, Kapenta isn’t just a meal for people who make a living from driving nails into wood and making objects from trees. It is a meal prepared using a small fish called Kapenta and can be eaten by anyone. It is commonly prepared and eaten by Zambian and Zimbabwean people.

The fish used to prepare a tomato sauce. And this sauce is eaten with Nshima or Sadza. These are both staples made from maize.


12. Malawah

Somalia is one of the countries in Africa plagued by years of wars and chaos. But this does not stop its people from favoring Malawah.

This meal is prepared to resemble a pancake. It is a pastry and is usually eaten alongside sugar and honey. It can also be eaten with stews.


13. Jollof Rice

One of the fun debates on the Nigerian and Ghanaian social media is about Jollof rice. Ghanaians argue that their Jollof Rice is better than Nigeria’s Jollof. And Nigerians do not argue.

Whatever the case, Jollof rice, a meal widely prepared and eaten by Africa, tastes amazing and is quite exquisite.

It is stewed rice commonly prepared in Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Benin, Mali, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Gambia.


14. Matapa |Cassava Leaf Stew

This is a Mozambican meal. Matapa’s recipes include cassava leaves, cashew nuts, and coconut milk. It can contain other constituents like seafood——shrimp, crab, etc.

Matapa is a rich source of animal protein. It may present allergic reactions in people who have allergies to seafood and nuts.


15. Pilau

Pilau may sound Asian, like some Kung Fu master’s name, but it really is an African dish.

It is usually prepared in countries around Central and East Africa: countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, etc.

The dish is prepared using spices like ginger, pepper, onions, etc.


16: Romazava

This is a quite common meal amongst the Madagascan people. It is a soup cooked from beef, pork, green vegetables, onions, tomatoes, etc.

It can be eaten with rice.


17: Plasas

Plasas is a strong stew whose scent is sharp and pleasant. It is made with green vegetables, cooked into meat using spices. It can also include dried fish.


This is a stew common in Carpe VAde. It tastes great, thanks to its constituents, which include:

  • Sweet Potato
  • Beans
  • Corn
  • Carrots, etc.

Cachupa is rich in starch and vitamins.


19: Mufete

This is a protein-rich meal. It tastes great too.

Mufete includes grilled tilapia eaten alongside beans and boiled plantain, sweet potato, and Cassava.


20. Isombe

Isombe is a favored meal amongst the people of Rwanda. It is prepared using Cassava leaves, palm oil, and peanut sauce. It can be eaten with ‘swallow.’


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