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7 wonders of Nigeria – Govima News

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From witnessing the magnificence of Ogbunike caves and exploring jagged mountains in the South West, these are the 7 wonders of Nigeria.

If you have a travel bucket list and want to explore Nigeria, these seven wonders are a must visit.

Take a tour with friends and family and visit Nigeria’s standing ancient wonders.

The safety and refuge that the caves have provided across history are partly why they hold special importance to the indigenes of Anambra and the East of Nigeria. The Ogbunike caves are actually a system of many caves linked together by small, tunnels and passages. They take their name from Ogbunike, a town in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State where they are situated.

The main cave consists of a massive structure with a big open chamber of about 5m high, 10m wide and 30m long at the entrance.

Beyond their storied history as a place of refuge, the Ogbunike caves have an important spiritual heritage that dates back many years before the white man first set foot on African soil, to a time when they worshipped in its darkest recesses.

It is said that the Ogbunike caves were discovered by a man named Ukwa, from the Umucheke family of Ifite-Ogbunike, about 4000 years ago.

Legends claim that the caves were created by a deity, Ogba, who they believe lives within.

Within the caves, there is a large colony of harmless bats of various sizes that seem to stand as guardians of the structure.

The water around the caves is also thought to be divine. A stream flows out from one of the caves’ tunnels into River Nkissa, a rapidly flowing river at the foot of one of the caves’ exits.

Water drops perpetually from the roof of the caves at many points; spiritualists believe that it is healing water and many come to collect it for varying purposes.

Ogbunike Caves

Idanre hill is one of those rare places where beauty, mystery, and majesty speaks with the voice of silence.

The people of Idanre have existed for 800 years. For over 700 of those years, they lived in the hills. It wasn’t until 1928 that they then moved to settle on ground level.

Also included among the remains of the ancient village are shrines, belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Aopara), old and dilapidated mud buildings roofed in rust-brown iron sheets, set on well laid-out streets and burial mounds and grounds, and the Owa’s palace.

Spectacularly, the inner court of the palace is beautifully decorated with sculptural carvings used as pillars along the length and breadth of the court.


Visit the Mandara Mountains which are a volcanic range extending about 190 km lie in the northeastern part of Adamawa state along the Cameroon border.

Mandara is an ideal place for rock and mountain climbing. The region is densely populated, mainly by speakers of Chadic languages, including both the Mofu and the Kirdi ethnic groups and it’s totally Instagramable.

Lamurde hot spring in Adamawa is also part of the world popular Sukur Cultural Landscape, which consists of a palace, villages, and the remains of an iron industry.

The place was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999 and has since become a go-to tourist destination in Adamawa State.


4. Ikogosi Warm Spring

Unarguably, Ikogosi spring is a geological wonder. It is said to be the only one of its kind discovered anywhere in the world.

Ever fascinating as a result of its magical nature, the warm and cold springs of Ikogosi flow to a point where they meet, with each spring retaining its thermal identity.

The warm spring has a temperature of up to 70 degrees C at the source and 37 degrees C after meeting the cold spring.

As a matter of fact, the meeting point of the warm and cold springs never fails to mesmerize the roving minds of tourists.


Ado Awaye lake is a geologic wonder and is popular for its awe-inspiring beauty.

The fact that Ado Awaye is one of the only two Suspended Lakes in the whole world makes it an instant destination choice for tourists. The other suspended lake, Hanging Lake lies in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado.

The Ado Awaye lake is located on Iyake Mountains that sprawl around the sleepy town of Ado Awaye.

Locals claim the mountains were homes to immigrant Awori dwellers that chose the mountaintop as a refuge from rampaging Dahomey Armies in the 19th century.

Iyake Lake is the most prominent attraction on the mountains. It is a diameter shaped lake with green like water. No one knows the depth of the lake


Farin Ruwa Waterfalls is a captivating waterfall; tumbling 150 metres high and 50 metres wide creating a breathtaking natural spectacle.

The falls has its source on the Jos plateau, in the Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State. The falls, as a result of its white colour, appears in the distance to the inhabitants of the Farin Ruwa area like white smoke on the mountains. This white nature of the falls earned it the name Farin Ruwa from the inhabitants.


4. Osun Sacred Grove, Osogbo, Osun State 

Inscribed as Nigeria’s second entry on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2005, Osun Grove is famous throughout Nigeria for its lush vegetation, preserved heritage and the spiritual symbolism of the sacred grove. Set on the outskirts of the city of Osogbo some 250 km west of Lagos, the Osun Grove is one of the last remnants of primary high forest in southern Nigeria.

Regarded as the abode of the goddess of fertility Osun, one of the pantheon of Yoruba gods, the breathtaking natural beauty of the grove and its meandering river is steeped in legend and enshrined in the hearts and minds of Nigerians for its sanctuaries, deities, monuments, sculptures and five sacred places strung along the river banks with nine designated worship points.

Inextricably linked with the identity of all Yoruba people, Osun Grove is a fine example of the widespread ancient practice of establishing sacred groves outside settlements. A century ago there were many sacred groves in Yoruba-land and every town in Nigeria had one; today, this 400-year-old grove is one of just two known to have survived.

Osun Sacred Grove

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