Are you happy?’ 5 People In Their 20s Talk About Their Mental Health

Are you happy?’ 5 People In Their 20s Talk About Their Mental Health

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On my way home yesterday I asked five young Nigerians living in Lagos if they are happy, and here is what they said;

These past few week has the longest in urban cities like Lagos and Abuja because there was fuel scarcity, light outage and incredible heat. Most people’s mental health took a hit, here are some comments;

Ada: says, “I am not happy, and I have not been happy in a while. It’s not about work, even though work is stressful, I just feel I am not where I want to be in life.”

Segun: says, “Last week I was so sad, my laptop stopped working and I just clicked that I don’t have savings. I used all my money to set up where I live. When I stayed at home, I used to buy my mother a lot of gifts but now I can barely afford to do it and it makes me sad.

Ada also feels like she is not making enough money to send money home.

Issac: says; “Once I get paid, it’s just debit alert after debit alert. I wish I was married to a billionaire. I thank God for life sha, I just imagine if I were sick while dealing with this, one magical emergency away from begging for money.”

Rihannat: says: “I cried my eyes out last week, I was so broke and scared to go dip into my savings. I have rent and so many other bills to pay. I feel underemployed. Plus, my ex is getting married next week. I don’t even know if I am doing the right job or if I am on the right path.”

Yinka: says; “I am happy right now but I can get a call and all that will change. Am I satisfied with life? No.” He says. “I need more money and a woman who truly loves me. I am tired of dating.”

From the people I talked to, the strain of living alone on their finances were severe and the absence of a love life added to their feelings of loneliness and isolation.

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