How 22 Years Old Lady Was Killed After Boarding BRT Bus Was Kidnapped

How 22 Years Old Lady Was Killed After Boarding BRT Bus Was Kidnapped

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The story of a 22 years old lady Oluwabamise Ayanwole who enter a BRT driver by a man named Andrew nice, around 7pm on Saturday February 26, 2022.

She boarded the bus from chevron bus-stop going to oshodi to see her brother. All of a sudden, she noticed that the driver wasn’t picking up other passenger, that got her suspicious so she started chatting with one of her friend about it and she made a video.

So her friend called her she wasn’t responding, she called again finally she picked, she had the scream and stuggle of a woman voice she heard.

The driver allegedly dragged her body off the bus and moved on when she died

The police men that received her body said she was bleeding from the private part.

The body was found on Saturday, and was taken to ebute ero, then moved to yaba.

The BRT driver tried to run away when the police started investigation, but the was apprehended on sunday

Mr Nice Interview with TVC

Mr Nice gave his account of the incident shortly after he was arrested, in an interview with TVC.

The deceased was the only passenger in the BRT bus before the driver picked some other persons along the road.

Mr Nice said the three male passengers he picked had guns pointed at him while the deceased cried for help.

“I picked her from Chevron, and the other three guys at …when those guys show me his weapon as I was inside, I can’t be myself anymore,” Mr Nice said.

“Fears have come in, so, whatever the man with the gun told me, I do. I followed that Carter Bridge, that overhead bridge, they ordered me to stop there, they say I should open the door, when I open the door, then when they come down, they now start dragging her, when I saw that she was crying for help, actually, I was helpless,” he said in broken English.

Mr Nice said he thought the deceased was still in the vehicle when he drove off because he saw her hold on to the iron in the bus while she was being dragged.

He said that he ran away and couldn’t report to the police because he was afraid.

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