Here Are The Most Common Breakfast Recipes In Nigeria

Here Are The Most Common Breakfast Recipes In Nigeria

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Nigeria is home to many foods both native and foreign, some are more commonly eaten for breakfast than others.

Looking for some food inspiration for the day? Here are the most common breakfast recipes in Nigeria.

Breakfast is typically the first and most important meal of a day, most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the day’s work.

In Nigeria, breakfast foods range from light to heavy, depending on the type of food source.

Moin-Moin and Akara are both meals made from pureed beans and spicy ingredients, full of proteins, light and refreshing. There’s just something about Akara and Moin-Moin that makes them perfect for breakfast. Akara is a common streetfood that can be found on any street corner all around Nigeria. Akamu is a corn meal custard that pairs perfectly with Akara or moin moin.

Boiled or fried yam and egg sauce is a usual suspect on the tables of Nigerians. It is quite filling and can last you the whole day, if not careful. Egg sauce is an easy-to-prepare Nigerian sauce made by sautéing tomatoes and eggs. The combo can actually be eaten anytime.

3. Tea and bread

No introductions needed. Children, adults, the elderly, everyone loves Nigerian tea and bread. The tea is made out of cocoa and milk, while the bread can be toasted or eaten with a spread.

Indomie is an extremely popular instant noodle brand in Nigeria, so popular that it has become the household name for all instant noodles. People can get very creative when preparing Indomie, and usually pair it with fried or boiled egg.

5. Bread and Beans

Bread and beans or Ewa agoyin is native to the Yoruba people but it is also one of the foods every struggling Nigerian knows well

6. Plantain and Eggs

Plantain and egg is a delicious meal you should try out. A lot of people eat yam and egg because they find it lovely, but plantain and egg is also very delicious and brings an exciting variation. Aside the taste, it has a lot of health benefits. Plantain is high in fiber and Vitamin A which helps in battling sickness.

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