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How Grace Ofure Is Helping Africans In Diaspora To Invest Back Home

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The conversation is changing from how to help Africa and moving to how Africans can help Africa.

A lot of investors are calling and yearning for opportunities to invest in Africa.

Grace Ofure Ibakhomu CEO of Lifecard International Investment https://lifecardcompany.com/land/ and Proprietor of Lifecard University https://lifecarduniversity.com/new-courses-page/ has dedicated over 10 years to educate, and offer trusted real estate investment opportunities that bring about major development in Africa.

These investment vehicles help millennials with comfortable purpose-built homes that have easy rental plans which have been a major problem in Africa.

In solving this problem, the diaspora investors have enjoyed good return on Investments.

As Grace Ofure will always say – “Money gravitates towards solutions”. (https://graceofure.com/)

Real estate investment in Africa is growing rapidly and diversifying, investors are adopting new and trusted ways of growing their wealth.

Grace Ofure has gained a notable reputation for helping investors build and manage real estate investment portfolio using her unique business model. These models like, land banking, purpose-built apartments, multiple family units for both short- and long-term residence, and co-investment have proven profitable over the years giving investors massive value for their investment.

Some Africans in diaspora who came back home recently, have this to say about their experience.

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