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If You Eat These 8 Meals, Losing Weight Is Impossible

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What stands between you and your dream weight? Food.

Eating healthy is so important even more than exercise in living healthy.

If you are attempting to be a member of the fit gang, these foods have to go or reduce the portion;

Instant noodles will have you packing the calories no matter the ease in making them. They have a lot of carbs and little or no protein. Plus, noodles increase fat retention too.

2. Ice cream

Ice cream has a high proportion of sugar and fat that cause you to pack calories. Stay clear of ice cream or take it occasionally if you hope to lose any weight.

Homemade ice cream, on the other hand, contains fewer calories.

3. Soda or soft drinks

Daily intake of soda is bad for your health. It is made of sugar with little or no nutrients and it can also lead to other health conditions. Try sugar-free soda.

4. Fruit juice

You might be tempted to think fruit juice is healthy because it is made of fruit, but that is not the case. It contains a lot of sugar and doesn’t have the fibre you get when you eat actual fruit.

5. Fried Chicken

Fried chicken will have you gaining weight and raising your cholesterol to an unusually high level. It also increases your chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

6. Cereal

If you want to grab cereal as an easy and quick breakfast just know that you are going to be packing calories. Cereal is just calories and sugars, worse when taking it with milk. A healthier alternative is oatmeal.

7. Pizza

Pizza is high in fat, carbs and calories, plus the extra toppings that are full of their own set of calories.

8. French fries

French fries are easy meals, easy to cook and easy to order for but you might want to stay clear of them because they are high in calories and could raise your cholesterol.

Even though Nigerian meals like swallows and rice contain calories, portion size will not make you gain alot of weight.

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