5 Fun Things To Do On A Friday Night With Your Teens

5 Fun Things To Do On A Friday Night With Your Teens

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Friday nights are the most awaited time of the week for teenagers because they get to spend the weekend relaxing and rejuvenating. To make this day more interesting, you can plan Friday activities for teens. Teens are in a new phase of life and love exploring different avenues. By this age, they also develop their liking for many things. For example, some teenagers may love spending their time socializing, while others may love solitude. You can plan Friday activities according to your children’s preferences. These activities allow your teen to bond with family and friends. So, go through the list of activities that your teenagers will love.

Here Is Our List Of Fun Things To Do On A Friday Night For Teenagers:

1. Throw A Pizza Party:

You Will Need:

  • A dozen of pizza bases
  • Cheese
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Multiple pizza toppings

How To:

  1. Spread cheese and toppings on the pizza bases.
  2. Keep the prepared pizza in the oven for some time.
  • Take it out and serve it to your teen’s friends.

2. Shopping:

Shopping is another fun things to do on a friday night for teens. Your teenager can greatly enjoy on a Friday evening.

You Will Need:

  • A list of clothes, shoes, items, and food items to shop.
  • Money

How To:

  1. Plan a trip to mall with your teen friends and enjoy shopping your choice of clothes, shoes, home décor, and other desired items.
  2. Your teen can also have dinner in the mall.

3. Plan To Watch A Movie:

You Will Need:

  • A collection of entertaining movies on a pen drive

How To:

Invite your teen friends over to your place on Friday night and watch a movie together.

4. Plan A Bonfire

Planning a teen bonfire party is a great idea to celebrate Friday nights in the winter season.

You Will Need:

  • Small logs of wood.
  • A lighter

How To:

  • Gather the logs together and light them up with the help of a lighter.
  • Surround the bonfire along with your teen friends at Friday night and sing songs, play games, and share stories.

5. Bowling:

Bowling along with your group of teen friends can be an outstanding Friday night activity to enjoy. Hit a mall or game center organizing bowling activity.

Did you encourage your teenager to enjoy having fun on a Friday night? Which fun activities did your teenager enjoy?

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