3 Tips For CRUSHING Monday Mornings

3 Tips For CRUSHING Monday Mornings

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Got a touch of the “Weekend Flu” or the “Monday Blues” this week? You’re not alone. However, you shouldn’t let that get you down!

Mondays can be tough, but you can get through them—we have faith! Don’t let Monday get the best of you. Here are some tips from J.T. O’Donnell, LinkedIn Influencer and founder and CEO of Work It Daily, on beating the “Monday Blues.”

1. Plan Your Day Out On Sunday

When you know exactly what you’re going to be doing on Monday morning, it’s easier for you to mentally prepare and ease into the workweek. Otherwise, you can walk into the office frazzled, confused, and unorganized, which can set you back a few hours.

2. Focus On Being Positive And Upbeat

Try to avoid people who are being “Debbie Downers.” You don’t need that extra gloom and doom on a Monday. Focus on spending your time with positive and upbeat people. Positivity is key!

3. Endorse Others

There’s no better way to feel good about yourself than to cheer on and support others. That’s why Mondays are a great time to endorse your colleagues on LinkedIn. (In fact, we call Mondays “Endorse Day.”) When you reach out and tell someone that you think they’re special, they will likely return the favor. Is there a better way to stay positive than to get compliments?

There you have it! We hope these quick and easy tips help you crush Monday mornings and finally beat those “Monday Blues.” You’ve got this!

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