Free Speech May Be In Danger As Elon Musk Bought Twitter Stock

Free Speech May Be In Danger As Elon Musk Bought Twitter Stock

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It is well known that the Space X billionaire Elon Musk has been critical of Twitter’s policies, in fact in the previous month he mentioned on Twitter that he was planning to create a social media platform; he started by teasing a poll within the platform asking followers If they thought that Twitter’s algorithm should be open source, 82.7% agreed.

The Results Of This Poll Will Be Important, Please Vote Carefully

He continued posting and suddenly twitted “The results of this poll will be important, please vote carefully, then proceeded to create the poll asking if they believed that Twitter rigorously adhered to the principle that free speech is essential to a functional democracy, 70.4 percent voted that they did not. He continued by asking what if a new platform is needed and what should be done, and then went silent about the topic once again.

Now that he has stated that in fact there is an issue with Twitter, it is probable that he will make changes, and become an active shareholder to incite change in the functionality and principles of the company; This could be why people decided to buy more shares of the company and raise the price of the stock.

Investment Pundits Claim That Purchasing Stock From A Functional Social Media Company Is Better Than Starting A New One

Pundits claim that to break into the social media market is difficult, stating the recent failure of Donald Trumps Truth Social platform, which it demonstrates that investing in an already functional social media platform can be more profitable than starting a new one from scratch.

Musk’s influence on the future of Twitter will most likely have a direct or indirect impact, if he gets involved in decision-making, things will change, if he doesn’t he has already prompted others that change can happen.

Elon Musk Is The CEO With Most Followers On Twitter

His twitter account has 80 million followers making him the most followed CEO by far, he is very active in the platform, always posting about his recent projects like Space X and their developments such as the Falcon launch, the Starlink satellites; he also shares important Tesla information and a meme here and there.

After His Controversial Tweet Regarding Taking Tesla Private, He Stepped Down As Tesla’s Chairman, While Remaining The CEO

Because of the impact of his opinions, Musk agreed to share Tesla information privately prior to posting so it can be reviewed and assessed for any negative blow. Following up on that the SEC has made inquiries in regards to his adherence to his agreement.

Twitter Changed CEO Recently

Last November, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey left his CEO position without the expected prior notice for these kind of positions. Musk showed support for Dorsey in the past when he was scrutinized by the shareholders.

The new CEO of Twitter is the previous CFO Parag Agrawal

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