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Group urges Ikpeazu to support power shift to Abia-North

An Ngwa group in the United States has called on Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and their kinsmen to ensure power shift to Abia-North in 2023.

The group, Isiala Ngwa Family Association,  Atlanta Georgia, advised that “in the spirit of justice and equity,” Abia-North should be allowed to produce Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu’s successor in 2023.

The group noted that, though it might appear politically logical to contend that Old Aba Division should retain power to equal the number of years power resided with Old Bende, “it is morally wrong for Nde Ngwa to hold power for 16 years at a stretch.”

According to the group, “excluding the Ukwa nation from bona fide beneficiaries of the Old Aba Division argument is yet another injustice that the proponents of this narrative deliberately want to cover.”

In their statement, the group called on the proponents of “Ngwa self succession agenda” to consider the Abia Charter of Equity, and that it amounts to insensitivity and greed for the Ngwa clan to scheme to retain power beyond 2023 when a Division in Abia-North had not tasted power since Abia was created.

The group advised against any move capable of disrupting the prevailing peaceful atmosphere in the state and urged Ngwa nation to rather support power shift to Abia-North in the spirit of equity and fairness so that when next power rotates back to Abia-Central, other zones would willingly support another Ngwa man to become Governor.

The group accused selfish and greedy politicians of masterminding the Ngwa self-succession agenda for their personal gains.



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