How Xiaomi devices enable hybrid working systems for companies

How Xiaomi devices enable hybrid working systems for companies

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Xiaomi is one of the world’s largest smartphone vendors. It has a range of high-quality yet affordable phones and is often unbeatable on value for money. This is why this smartphone brand is the best when it comes to operating a hybrid system for any African company.

Introduced into the African market in the year 2018, Xiaomi has passed the test of being one of the most reliable and tech-forward smartphones, and it shows in their statistics for the year 2021.

According to Canalys top smartphone vendor analysis in Africa, Xiaomi was ranked number 3. This spot was earned through an annual growth of 66% in 2021. There was also annual shipment growth in all major markets in Africa.

There was a YOY growth of 31% in Egypt and a YOY increase of 558% in the Moroccan market. This significant increase saw the Xiaomi market share in Morocco rise to 26%. This means that for about every four smartphones sold, a Xiaomi smartphone is one of them.


That wasn’t all. In the last quarter of the year 2021, Xiaomi achieved a tremendous increase in sales performance in the African markets. The brand’s shipments in the African market grew by 33% YOY.

In South Africa, there was a surge of 537% YOY. The Xiaomi brand has put in the work to make sure their products are durable and affordable, and it has given them tremendous results.

It has also shown Africa that it is not just in the business of selling smartphones, but it is also very interested in pushing African creatives, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to succeed forward.

They showed us how much they were committed with the #Beyondtheboundaries with Xiaomi campaign, which saw young creatives and entrepreneurs tell their stories, from small beginnings to where they are now.

The campaign mainly ran on their Facebook pages in Ghana, Kenya, Tunisia, Morocco, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. It was a 10-day campaign where Xiaomi connected with its Xiaomi’s fans via social media platforms, especially Facebook, and let them inspire each other to make a difference by sharing their own 2021 stories and achievements.

This campaign was so successful that it saw over 20 million impressions and reach and over 200k engagements. This is the first Pan-African engaging campaign organized by Xiaomi on the continent. This campaign was very successful and saw young people participate.

And they have promised that the next time they organize a campaign like this, they will improve the impact, build a large and strong Xiaomi Fans community in Africa. Xiaomi is not all for selling their products, they want to make an impact while doing so.

So, for companies who are skeptical or confused about what smartphone brand they should associate with, Xiaomi’s brand is the one to go for because of their attitude towards taking care of their own.

According to the Harvard Business Review, Xiaomi’s market acceptance can be linked to its “strategic coalescence”, a to a process through which a firm intimately connects with demand and supply-side stakeholders, bolsters tangible benefits for all, and triggers exponential market growth.

The spirit of the phone marker is also in its brand, offering super features, durable battery capacity, and great displays alongside affordability for businesses to adapt.

The smartphone brand Xiaomi is here to make sure that African companies moving into the remote pattern of work are very seamless. With future smartphones in the works, it is a foregone conclusion that Xiaomi is determined to be the market leader in the smartphone market by 2022 and for many more years to come.

How Xiaomi devices enable hybrid working systems for companies

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