Rise in rape cases not linked to indecent dressing

Rise in rape cases not linked to indecent dressing

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The First Lady of Edo State, Mrs Betsy Obaseki, said that indecent dressing could not be a reason for the increase in rape cases in the country, adding that what was termed indecent dressing was relative and differed from country to country.

Speaking at a press parley by the Edo State Gender-Based Violence Management Committee on Wednesday, Obaseki said it was absurd to blame rape cases on the victims because of the way they dressed.
She said such a line of thought was dangerous as it tended to shame the victims, instead of bringing the rapists to book.

She noted that the rape of a seven-year old girl by a 54-year-old Michael Ugwuke, who was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment last Friday, showed that rape cases could not be attributed to indecent dressing.

She stated, “How possible is it for anyone to say that indecent dressing is the cause of rape in the society? What is termed indecent dressing is relative, and differs from country to country. That line of thought is a way to blame rape victims, instead of the rapists.

“The case of a young girl who was raped by a 54-year-old man, Michael Ugwuke, shows that the way ladies dress has nothing to do with why they are attacked by sexual predators.”

She said the state government was ready to battle rapists and ensure they were brought to book.

“We are going to arrest anyone connected with rape, no matter how highly placed. Those who try to cover up these offenders will also be prosecuted. We have resolved in the state to bring offenders to book and pursue all the cases in court to a logical conclusion,” Obaseki added.

The deputy governor of the state, Comrade Philip Shaibu, noted that the state government was ready to rid the state of sexual predators and urged victims to report cases to the appropriate quarters.

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