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‘I’ll create a new beginning for Nigeria’

A female media entrepreneur, Mrs Khadija Okunnu-Lamidi, has said she desired to create a new beginning for Nigeria as she declared her intention to contest for the 2023 presidential ticket.

According to a statement on Thursday, Okunnu-Lamidi made her declaration at the party’s secretariat in Lagos.

The 38-year-old president aspirant to contest on the platform of the Social Democratic Party stated that she will be dependent on honesty and hardwork, courage and fair play.

She said, “I took this decision to choose the party because we wanted to first establish our own identity and our ideological message. We believe in one Nigeria and in the opening of its space and resources to all Nigerians. This is the key to economic inclusion and national security.

“Our campaign is something of an insurgency. We do not have sacks of free money but we have thousands of volunteers, millions of supporters and mandate of the people. I have a desire to create a new beginning for Nigeria and all Nigerians and this cannot be done without the support of the masses.”

“No doubt, the challenges may be new, but as an aspiring leader, l will engage Nigerians on the instruments which will be used in mending the country which will be innovative.”

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