Ways Of Reducing The Risk Of Prostrate Cancer

Ways Of Reducing The Risk Of Prostrate Cancer

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Prostate cancer is a serious disease that affects thousands of men each year who are middle-aged or older. It begins in the prostate gland, which sits between the penis and the bladder.

The prostate has various functions. These include producing the fluid that nourishes and transports sperm, secreting prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a protein that helps semen retain its liquid state, and helping aid urine control. According to Men’s health, there are various things to do that helps prevent prostate cancer.  Learn about risk factors, prevention, stages, treatment.

Consume Citrus

Eating fresh fruit is an important part of a balanced diet. It’s also possible that it may lower your risk of prostate cancer. 2017 study found that people who consumed the highest amount of fruit, especially cutus, had a small reduction in their risk of prostate cancer.Some of citrus fruits to consider trying out are oranges, tangerines, lime, lemons and grapes. It’s important to note that grapefruit can intrude in some medication. If you take prescription medications and are unsure whether you can have grapefruit, be sure to talk with your doctor first.

Have Safe Sex

Using of protection during sex may lower your chances of developing prostate cancer. Sexually transmitted infections like cytomegalovirus and trichomoniasis have been linked to prostate cancer. 

Achieve a Healthy Weight

Research have shown that an extra weight is associated with an increase risk of cancer, aggressive forms of prostrate cancer included. It’s not clear why being overweight is linked with cancer, but researchers theorize it may be because levels of certain hormones, e.g., insulin, estrogen and androgen, are reduced when people are at a healthy weight.

Too Much Consumption of Alcohol

The majority of men love drinking alcohol, which appears to be incompatible with the prostate glands. The people who are most likely to get this ailment are those who use a lot of alcohol. Alcohol-containing beverages, such as beer, can harm the prostate, resulting in infections that can turn into cancerous cells. Men, on the other hand, are recommended to avoid liquids like fruit juice, non-alcoholic wines, and the like in order to avoid contracting this dreadful disease.

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