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Insecurity: World sits on gunpowder, heads for implosion

The Chancellor of Global Harvest Christian University in Nigeria and founder of the Harbinger of the Last Covenant, a worldwide silent prayer forum, Professor Iyke Nathan Uzorma, has said that “the world is sitting on a keg of gun powder and heading for implosion.”

He said this as he was canvassing for worldwide prayer sessions to ward off the danger, warning that only divine intervention could save the world from “the impending doom.”

The renowned scholar of Extraterrestrial Research and ex-living Grand Master of the Order of Terrestrial and Astral Hierarchy submitted that “what we are observing today, has a lot of spiritual implications and manifestation.”

Prof. Uzorma, while making the assertions during a global Peace Conference held in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, on Friday, said, “If we objectively analyse recent occurrences around the world like insecurities, insurgencies, mindless killings by unknown gunmen, the Russia-Ukraine war and other happenings in our world, then we can correctly conclude that the world is sitting on a keg of gun powder, heading for implosion.”

“And, if there is no divine intervention, the world will be doomed,” he added.

He noted that the timing of the ‘Global Peace Prayer Conference’ was an axiomatic attestation that God was very interested in salvaging our world.

According to him, history is replete with personalities of destinies and honour, who God used to implement His divine will.”

He spoke further, “In line with God’s grace and mercy to save this world, Our Lord Jesus Christ manifested on Earth about 2000 years ago to sacrifice His life for the redemption and salvation of mankind. Personalities like Abraham, Isaac, Noah, King David, Saint Paul, Prophet Daniel, Prophet Elijah, Prophet Moses, and others were used mightily by God to fulfill specific purposes.

“In our contemporary, without sounding immodest, a personality appointed by the Lord as ‘Harbinger of the Last Covenant’, and some other people in the Light of Heaven, are being used mightily by God to enthrone peace and harmony in our world.

“Above all, the divine presence and focus of the Almighty God on earth now will eventually eradicate all that hinders peaceful co-existence and usher in lasting peace on Earth. It is in line with this that we are holding this conference.

“This is so because we are commanded by the Lord to pray always, and God answers the prayers of His faithful children.

“This ‘Global Peace Prayer Conference’ came as an emergency-specific command issued to the Harbinger of the Last Covenant by the Lord Himself.

“This, you will see, occurred during a session of ‘divine inquiry’ conducted by the Harbinger of the Last Covenant, during which the Lord manifested and spoke to him. The Lord directed him to urgently organise a global peace prayer meeting and that some Holy Angels have been mandated to be there, gather the combined prayer energies, coalesce same into an ethereal divine format and return it to the glorious Throne of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Global Peace Prayer Conference Stand for Peace.”

“The Lord told the Harbinger that those who will support the conference, including those who will participate in one way or the other, will be the first beneficiary and will surely be blessed by Him. He also told the Harbinger never to forget the indigent widows and less privileged while carrying out His order, during and after the conference, sequel to His directive to the Harbinger in the set-up of ‘Mercy Store House.

“Following the order of the Lord to the Harbinger of the Last Covenant, the ‘Global Peace Prayer Conference’ is instituted under a short notice. Thus, the following day after the Lord’s directive, His Grace Archbishop, Prof. lyke Nathan Uzorma, inaugurated the Central Organizing Committee of this conference.

“From the teachings of the Lord through the Harbinger of the Last Covenant, we understand the need of constantly sending forth divine energies of peace and love through concentrated prayer/fasting, to overpower the devices of darkness.

“We should join hands, always, in sending forth divine energy of Peace of God to a troubled world via intense concentrated prayers and fasting.

“As we leverage on this divine opportunity provided to us by the Almighty Father to contribute our quota towards peace to the world, especially at this necessary point in time, may the divine peace of God never depart from us, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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