6 Things That Will Break A Muslim’s Fast During Ramadan

6 Things That Will Break A Muslim’s Fast During Ramadan

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What breaks a Muslim’s fast during Ramadan?

Ramadan is a special month for Muslims where they abstain from food, pleasures and engage in charity.

Different schools of thought have opinions on what breaks a Muslim’s fast and what doesn’t, but they all agree that eating, drinking and vomiting intentional breaks fasting. Sexual relations also break their fast because it leads to the secretion of substances. However, anything done unintentionally does not break a fast because it is believed that Allah will forgive.

Here are some definite ‘don’ts’ when it comes to fasting during Ramadan.

This would break a person’s fast when the water gets into their throat and nose and it is believed that the water will go into their abdomen.

If you must swim or use a shower, do it before your fasting starts, if not you have to make it up after Ramadan.

Chewing gum is breaking your fast, and so is smoking cigarettes or weed.

Some lipsticks are flavoured with fruits and when a woman licks her lips, she tastes these flavours and it breaks her fast.

Brush your teeth before your fast starts. If you brush after your fast begins for the day, then you have broken your fast with toothpaste.

Using any of these is a no-no, when inhaled they will break your fast.

Since you know sex is prohibited why engage in activities that will lead to sex? and deny yourself of the blessing of Ramadan.

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