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2023: Wike vows to tackle insecurity, poverty

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has expressed readiness to tackle the festering insecurity and poverty bedevilling the country if elected as President of Nigeria in 2023.

He made the pledge while addressing delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party in Maiduguri on Monday.

Wike, who expressed confidence that the PDP would win the presidency in the next election, said that the APC had failed in tackling insecurity and economic security.

He lamented that people could no longer go to their farmlands or go about their legitimate businesses due to the heightened state of insecurity.

“I came here today because there is a problem. And the problem is that Nigeria is dying and we must not allow Nigeria to die. We must rescue this country.

“So I came as a Nigerian, as a member of the Peoples Democratic Party. As a party, I have never left from 1998 till now. As a party, I have worked for and will continue to work for, and I believe that Nigeria has hope. So I want to run for the presidency of this country under the PDP.

“As a country, we do not have any other country to run to. So I am here to offer myself to solve most of the problems that this (APC) administration could not solve.

“Before, we are only hearing of insecurity in Borno state, but now, it is all over the country. Hunger doesn’t know Muslims or Christians; insecurity does not know North or South,” Wike stated.

The presidential hopeful further said that only a courageous leader like himself could fight insecurity in the country.

Reacting, the state PDP Chairman, Zanna Gaddama, noted that Wike’s consultative visit to Borno was to actualise his presidential aspiration.

“You should support him to get the PDP presidential ticket,” he urged.




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