How To Have A Healthy Vagina

How To Have A Healthy Vagina

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The vagina is a most remarkable organ. It is a tube that runs from the Vulva (the outside of the female genital area) to the Cervix (the opening of the womb).

The vagina is a birth canal, it gives us pleasure and it also goes through menstruation each month. Before I begin to explain the steps to having a healthy vagina, let’s talk a bit about what the vagina is and what it is not.

The Vagina is different from the Vulva. Many people, including women, think they mean the same thing.

The vulva is the part you see on the outside. It includes the lips surrounding the vagina (the labia majora & minora), the clitoris (the orgasm generator that looks like the head of a matchstick), the Bartholin’s glands, the vaginal opening, the hymen and other parts.

The vagina is the MUSCULAR TUBE ON THE INSIDE, that runs all the way to the womb.

Knowing this, let’s go to the main topic

1. Don’t wash the Vagina

There’s a lot of bad information out there, telling women that they need to get their vaginas to smell and feel fresh.

And so, a lot of women wash their vaginas with soap, feminine products and even water. This act leaves the vagina open to overgrowth of harmful organisms (Read my article on my IG page called “Why you should not wash the vagina” for more info ).

So, I’m here to say that you should not wash the vagina. Wash only the vulva with water and unscented soap. The vagina cleans itself.

2. Practice Safe sex

Use protection when having sex. And if you feel that you want to have unprotected sex, ensure that you and your partner get tested for STIs beforehand.

Avoid Condoms that contain Spermicides. Also avoid lubricants that contain Glycerin, Petroleum products, parabens, scents, flavors, non-natural oils & dyes.

When having sex, avoid doing things that move from anal play to vaginal play, so as to avoid transferring harmful organisms.

If you can, pee after sex to reduce chances of getting a UTI.

(3) Choose Underwear fabric wisely

Wearing underwear made out of cotton is usually an awesome choice, because it is breathable & also absorbs moisture down there.

Also, if you know that you sweat often or you engage in physical activity that makes you sweat, try to change out of your sweaty underwear as soon as you can, to limit bacterial growth.

And for those of you that will wear only one unwashed pant until it resembles Oshiomole’s throwback, kuku join egbe.

4. Treat problems promptly

Dear woman, your body is unique. Take time out to understand your vagina, your different normal discharges and the time of your cycle that they come (Check out my reel on “Vaginal discharges” on my IG page).

If you notice any abnormalities around your genitalia (itching, discoloration, rash, abnormal discharge), don’t be quick to use medication without seeing a Doctor first.

Using antibiotics and other medication carelessly can lead to vaginal problems that may be difficult to treat.

5. Prioritize your health

Whatever affects your general health will ultimately have an impact on your vaginal and sexual health, if not treated promptly.

So eat healthy, keep fit, sleep well and go for regular health checks.

If you are sexually active as a woman, go for regular cervical screening. Prioritizing your health is always a good decision.

I congratulate you for reading this far.

Let me give you a small gift for that : If you want your vagina to smell and taste good, instead of scrubbing it like laundry, try eating fruits like Pineapples in moderation.

There’s no definitive scientific evidence that it works, but I have met several women who say that it definitely works.

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