Lagos living: How To Beat Lagos Traffic

Lagos living: How To Beat Lagos Traffic

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Traffic is one of the biggest nightmares of every Lagosian.

Lagos is the busiest state in Nigeria and traffic is more of a normal occurrence due to the increasing number of vehicles that ply Lagos roads daily.

To survive in Lagos, you need to know how you can beat the almost unavoidable traffic jam so that you won’t be stuck in traffic for hours. Here are some ways you can avoid gridlock.

1. Leave your house early

One sure way to beat the gridlock is to leave your house early while most people are still at home. Traffic is usually minimal in the early hours and you will be sure to get to your destination earlier.

2. Know and avoid the rush hours

It is important to know rush hours in Lagos and avoid them like the plague. The major rush hours are between 6 AM and 10 AM when everyone is rushing to get to work and between 4:30 PM- 10 PM when people are heading back home. If possible, do yourself a big favour and avoid embarking on any journey within these periods.

3. Take a bike

This is still the fastest way to get to your destination. Take a bike, especially those Hausa bikemen. Although, this is not for the fainthearted because they are known for their special ability to squeeze their way through anything. But the fact remains that they will get you to your destination in record time.

4. Get traffic updates

There are several social media outlets you can get traffic updates from. From radio to Twitter, to Facebook, you can avoid getting stuck in traffic this way. The Lagos Traffic Radio gives updates on traffic and also offers alternative routes you can pass. You can also check google maps to find out the situation of the road before leaving home.

It is important to note that sometimes, you just can’t beat Lagos traffic. Even after taking precautions, you still find yourself being stuck in the congestion because Lagos is just designed to frustrate people. In this situation, just sit back and relax, you will get to your destination sooner or later. Getting impatient won’t clear up the road and neither would it make the cars move faster.

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