Tackling Nigeria’s challenges require sacrifices, says Peter Obi

Tackling Nigeria’s challenges require sacrifices, says Peter Obi

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A presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, Peter Obi, on Wednesday, said Nigerians must make sacrifices to overcome the country’s current challenges.

Overcoming the challenges with sacrifices, he said, would augment efforts to build a better and progressive Nigeria for citizens and future generations.

Obi said this during his meeting with Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, and other PDP leaders and members at the Edo PDP Secretariat.

This was contained in a statement by the governor’s spokesman, Crusoe Osagie. The statement was titled, ‘2023: Obaseki receives Peter Obi, says PDP must embrace equity, fairness’.

He added that by being willing to make needed sacrifices, Nigerians must also back it up in 2023 by electing a leader who is conversant with the 21st-century reality and can lead the country to greatness.

He said, “As you know, I am one of those in my party who are aspiring to serve this country. My aspiration is borne out of the fact that our country is going through a lot of challenges. We will need to all make sacrifices in building a better nation for our children.

“We need somebody who is conversant with the realities because of the enormity of the problems besieging this country today. If the issues are not aggressively tackled from 2023, this country would not be there for all of us.”

He further stressed that the foundation of development in a multi-ethnic and diverse society like Nigeria is unity, fairness, love, respect, and inclusiveness.

On his part, Obaseki urged the PDP to embrace justice, fairness, and equity in the selection of the candidate to fly the party’s flag in the 2023 presidential election.

He said that Edo will not be part of any arrangement that is not inclusive and equitable as the state is interested in achieving a united and progressive Nigeria.

He noted, “We are very grateful and pleased that his Excellency, Peter Obi has found it fit to come and talk and consult us on his aspiration to be the president of Nigeria. As you know, Edo is the heartbeat of Nigeria. It’s strategically positioned, both physically and politically.

“For us in Edo, it’s about Nigeria first. Whatever we are doing politically must be one that will strengthen and preserve our country. Our view is that this country cannot be preserved and sustained if there is no fairness and equity.

“We need that unity; we need to realize that, as a country, we all must feel that we are part of this country and have access and opportunities like every one of us in this country. As we approach the 2023 elections, we must realize that for us to preserve our country, all parts of this country must feel included in the politics,” Obaseki added

The governor continued: “The situation where any part, unit, or zone is left out, not considered fit, or seen as not having what it takes to provide leadership is only setting the basis for a crisis.

“Whatever you call it, we must have adequate consultation across the various groups and divides, so that we can build an alignment to produce a leadership that can take Nigeria out of the crisis that we are facing today.”

“Anything that is not inclusive, Edo is not part of it because Edo wants us to build a strong and united country so that we can face the challenges that are ahead of us,” he noted.

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