5 Weekend Activities to Help Increase Weekday Productivity

5 Weekend Activities to Help Increase Weekday Productivity

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Weekend is here again, Work life is sometimes met with way too much frustration. When your Monday blues loom across the rest of your week it’s easy to wind up vegging out—curled up on the couch, packing away calories, TV remote in hand. 

Weekends are ideally spent charging us up for the week ahead, and unwinding in the best possible ways. Here’s a list of activities to put your weekend to better use, and help make your work life more productive:

1: Play a musical instrument

Playing a musical instrument enhances your mood by releasing the feel-good hormone, dopamine, into your synapses. It also helps to make the brain smarter by increasing concentration levels, improving memory retention, and lowering stress levels. Music helps improve social skills and teamwork when playing together.

2: Reading

Reading lets your imagination take flight into places unknown and experience things you would have otherwise never felt. It makes you culturally aware, gives you a better vocabulary, and facilitates a mental workout. Nothing gives you as many high quality conversation starters as reading, especially for the notoriously low price.

3: Learning a new language

Learning a new language is one of the toughest things to put your brain through. As we grow older, it is especially challenging, though more rewarding for just that reason. Learning a new language is like ‘Botox for the brain’, as it is proven to delay the effects of aging and postpone the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

4: Traveling

Travel is one such activity that makes you realize how mesmerizing the world is and how awe-inspiring the lives around you can be. Introducing yourself to different cultures, different lifestyles and varied experiences helps you understand yourself and the world around you better. Eventually, it will help you appreciate what you have and find a deeper meaning in your life. 

 5: Painting

Often described as a cathartic experience to let your inner thoughts and emotions run wild, painting is one of the oldest and most respected hobbies. successful people around the world have tried their hand at it and found it to be a great creative outlet. Masked as modes of artistic expression, painting is also known to increase critical thinking skills and nurture a positive outlook towards life.

Have fun with these new idea this weekend, so make the most of your weekend to achieve optimum results in your work week.

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