Muhammad Ali’s Grandson, Nico Aims To Emulate Grandfather

Muhammad Ali’s Grandson, Nico Aims To Emulate Grandfather

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A star in boxing was born when Nico Ali Walsh got that incredible first-round knock-out against Alejandro Ibarra. We all started wondering about that last-name, it wasn’t a coincidence. Nico is son of Rashida Ali, daughter of the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Inside the Mount Rushmore of American sports, the legendary Heavyweight always ranks amongst the other athletes.

He always has a secured spot inside that mount, but why is that? Muhammad Ali wasn’t only one of the most impressive Heavyweight champions in boxing history, he was also a sports icon. When you hit that status, you definitely also made an impact outside of your sport.

Nico Ali Walsh is following his grandfather’s steps

After looking at the type fo knock-out he produced against Ibarra, you can tell he has similar chops to his grandfather. Nico lived with Muhammad Ali for 16 years of his life, he was practically raised by his grandfather. When he hit that KO against Ibarra, he even did those 1,2 steps Muhammad Ali always made when he won a fight.

The similarity is uncanny between the two of them. But emulating his grandfather is an entirely different animal for Nico, he fortunately has the necessary maturity to respond to these types of questions when asked. So far, he started his career as a Middleweight fighter impressively well.

During a recent interview on Sky Sports, the journalist directly asked him if emulating his father was something he aspired to. This is what he responded: “It’s impossible. I want to continue my grandfather’s legacy in the ring and outside the ring but while doing so I want to create my own path, a legacy of my own.

Nobody will be able to do what my grandfather did, nobody will be able to reach the heights that he did, I don’t think. So that’s not what I’m trying to do, I’m not trying to do the impossible. But even better, I’m trying to build off it and create my own thing.”

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