3 Ways To Handle Emotional Rejection

3 Ways To Handle Emotional Rejection

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Rejection is one word that many people are familiar with because at some point or the other, as humans, we must have experienced the pains.

The rejection could be financially, academically, while seeking for a job or even a love interest. The exclusion from some particular activities is known as rejection. It is very painful, however, people have learnt to overcome some situations such as rejection.

In relationships, there is often rejection and below are some ways to handle rejection from a love interest:

1. Understand

It might happen that at times your partner is just not ready for an emotional attachment, hence, the rejection. When this happens, it is better to talk things through and leave the relationship without any bad blood. 

They may choose to opt out of the relationship because they need time to come to terms with their issues and learn to love themselves again. That does not make them evil as painful as that might be for you, it makes them human. Emotional scars run deep. The only two antidotes for emotional scars are time and love.

2. Do not personalize it

It is important that you do not allow yourself look like you are the problem, rejection is often the fault of the actor. Often times people who say yes, when they really want to say no, are sycophants.

And while they are participating in their yes, they are feeling walked on and are wishing they would have said no. So accept their right to choose what is best them.

3. Self care

After being rejected, it is okay to be hurt and maybe cry but do not let yourself get engrossed in self-pity that you find it difficult to take care of yourself. Try to eat well and get enough rest. Take a walk.

Do things that help you relax; meditation, relaxation techniques, changing negative thoughts, prayer. It’s a time to find your “self” again. Be kind to yourself. Spend time around people who love you.

Are there other points you will like to share, drop them in the comment section.

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