5 Symptoms That Abdominal Pain Is Appendicitis!

5 Symptoms That Abdominal Pain Is Appendicitis!

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An inflamed appendix becomes life threatening when not given prompt attention. See how to know if you have appendicitis.

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. It happens when the worm-like organ attached to the large intestines (appendix) is inflamed which can burst afterwards if not treated by surgically removing it.

Removing the appendix doesn’t cause any issues for the body, it’s especially seen as giving a pass to eat anything one desires! The surgery is usually a quick one without side effects if no severe damage has been done otherwise (in cases where it bursts) it becomes a life threatening.

There are symptoms to watch out for:

1. Pain in the navel

Appendicitis comes in form of pain around the navel area, moving to the lower right side of the stomach with pain getting worse with cough, bumpy movement and so on around the stomach.

2. Fever and rising temperature

Sometimes appendicitis comes with high fever and rigor and severe pain making movement almost impossible.

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