Boroffice declares for Presidency, promises electricity subsidy

Boroffice declares for Presidency, promises electricity subsidy

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The senator representing Ondo North Senatorial District, Prof. Ajayi Boroffice, on Saturday, officially declared his intention to contest the Presidency on the platform of the All Progressives Congress with a promise to provide electricity subsidy to poor Nigerians.

Boroffice, who is the Deputy Majority Leader of the Senate, said this in Abuja on Saturday.

The lawmaker added that he would introduce a surcharge for high consumers of energy and this excess would be used in funding the subsidy.

“The National Electricity Commission will implement a tier pricing system in which those who consume very little electricity will pay a subsidised rate for electricity. The next tier will pay the full price of electricity but will only be allowed a certain amount of electricity at this rate. The next tier will pay a surcharge on any excess electricity they use over the prescribed amount. This would be used to subsidise the consumers,” he added.

Boroffice also promised to create a ministry of homeland security that will transform the nation’s security architecture.

“My administration will establish a ministry of homeland security that will strategically manage immigration and border protection services, civil defence and amnesty and rehabilitation programmes,” he added.

He said he would focus on improving the power sector which would in turn boost job creation.

“When we get the power right, the GDP will be right. The exchange rate will be right, employment rate will be right and inflation will drop,” the senator added.

The lawmaker said as President he would mandate all government agencies and organs to only buy locally made cars.

He added that he would give the Central Bank of Nigeria an order to provide funding to local manufacturers too.

“I will focus on job creation in Nigeria. Specifically, I will direct the Nigerian government and all its parastatals to buy only cars made in Nigeria. I will influence state governments to buy only made in Nigeria cars. I will direct the Central Bank of Nigeria to create intervention loans and other car manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

“This will ensure mass production of affordable cars in Nigeria. I will replicate this across all sectors including the housing sector,” Boroffice stated.

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