Why It’s Time For An Attitude Check-Up

Why It’s Time For An Attitude Check-Up

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Think it’s time for an attitude check-up? We do. That’s because there’s never a bad time to check in with your outlook.

A negative attitude, for example, impacts our ability to practice happiness. Can we build joyful marriages if we don’t make happiness a habit? Absolutely not.


Do you look at life optimistically? We don’t mean that you should disconnect from reality. That’s not the case at all. But we are suggesting that looking at life through a positive lens could be beneficial not only for you, but for your marriage.

If you’re not a “glass half full” type of person, it’s time to practice. We’re more likely to feel fulfilled in marriage and in life when we think positively. At any rate, being intentionally optimistic can’t hurt!


How adaptable are you? Having an adaptable attitude means you’re able to adjust to changes in your environment or circumstances. Those can be small changes, or they could be major ones.

Not being adaptable means you’re vulnerable to bitterness and resentment. It also reveals that you might have a personal agenda. Being rigid makes it harder to solve everyday problems and maintain intimacy. In other words, failing to adapt well could throw your marriage seriously off-course.

checking on yourself from time to time to ensure you’re staying open-minded and flexible. Your spouse will thank you!


When an inevitable crisis hits your life, how will you cope with it? The answer lies in your resilience. Being resilient means maintaining a calm attitude when life gets chaotic. It’s challenging to achieve, but definitely not impossible.

Crisis comes in many forms. Maybe your relationship gets rocky. Perhaps there are issues with finances or employment you didn’t see coming. Or one of you might develop a serious health problem that impacts your quality of life. Whatever comes your way, having healthy ways to cope together will pay dividends.

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