2023: MBF warns politicians against mounting pressure on military

2023: MBF warns politicians against mounting pressure on military

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The Middle Belt Forum, (MBF), on Friday, warned politicians against taking decision that would set the country ablaze.

Dr. Bitrus Pogu, National President of MBF, in a statement on Friday, gave the warning while reacting to allegations that the military were under pressure to compromise elections but that they would remain neutral.

Dr. Bitrus Pogu, while expressing pain over the attitude of some politicians, noted that even if election is conducted several times, some politicians knew they cannot win, yet they are creating troubles that would affect Nigerians.

He commended the military for resisting overtures from those who do not mean well for the country, adding that the Chief of Defence Staff’s statement showed that “the Nigerian military is standing up to its role of defending the territorial integrity of this country.”

According to him, when the military stands up as an established institution, “then democracy would survive”.

He called on all Nigerians “to rise up, support the military for being neutral and ensure that the territorial integrity is not compromised, and that elections are not compromised.”

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